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  • Initial Contact – Let us know you need help by calling us on +416 840 5637 or fill in our online "Call Back" form
  • Consultation – Our placement coordinator will contact you within 24 hours by telephone to explore your needs and find out more about your family. What are you looking for? We will learn more about your family, including personalities and interests. What are your family values? How does your standard day look and what changes do you need to make to that day? What is important for you? Are there new born babies to care for? Are there any disabilities that need to be taken into consideration within the family? Do you have pets? Do you need a nanny or caregiver that knows how to drive, swim, cook or speak your native language? This is where we will identify your needs and assess if a nanny or caregiver is right for you. If it is the right solution, we will learn as much as we need about you and your family in order to match the right applicants.
  • Matching – Using the information you provide to us we will then search our profiling system to find the most suitable pre-screened applicants to work with your family. As part of our process we check the applicant's references, educational background and specific experience within their previous employment. We interview our applicants face to face to get to know them. We build profiles covering their life from where they grew up to what they are doing now. We talk about life experiences with them and we discuss what is important for the applicant from their employers.
  • Interviewing– We aim to provide you with 3 to 5 profiles of the most appropriate applicants. From these profiles you decide who you think will be a good match with your family and the job. This could be all of them. At this stage we will arrange for you to interview the applicant. You can interview by telephone, Skype, WhatsApp or Viber. We will help you to prepare your questions and the overview of the job. In order to get a good comparison of the applicants interviewed, it is important to ask the same questions and provide the same information to each of them. You need to be able to do a like for like comparison on each applicant interviewed so planning your questions is critical. After the interview you may decide you want to carry out a second interview, which we will arrange for you. This process can take as long as you need to find the right match. We know how important this decision is for you and we have new applicants added to our database on a weekly basis so take your time – there's no rush or pressure. Make sure this is the "right fit".
  • Paperwork – When you find the right candidate you will make an offer of employment, which we will provide to the applicant. At this stage of the process we will assist you every step of the way, working in conjunction with our ICCRC registered immigration consultant, preparing the paperwork for the process, and ensuring compliance with Canadian Government legislation. During the process, we will encourage you get to know your nanny/caregiver better by regular exchange of letters, phone calls and pictures between your family and the candidate. It is important to build bridges and get to know the new member of your family. From our experience this pre-arrival bonding builds stronger relationships between the caregiver and the family and makes the settlement and adjustment process carefree.
  • Caregiver Arrival – Once your nanny or caregiver gets her visa we will coordinate with you when they are arranging their flight and ensuring the caregiver is fully briefed on their travel and arrival information. We will provide you with an "Arrival Kit" to assist with a carefree settlement.
  • Support – Once your nanny or caregiver starts their employment you can always count on our support. We maintain contact throughout the duration of the employment of the Nanny or Caregiver and if any issues arise we will offer advice and guidance on the best way forward. We want to hear your news.
We do all we can to find the right fit for your family and the applicant however on rare occasions it doesn't work. We do guarantee every placement we make with a 4 month replacement policy but more importantly we make every effort to help you make the right choice so you never need to use this option.

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