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Chanchal - Caregiver

An experienced caregiver for disabled and elderly patients, Chanchal is loving, caring, and hardworking. She is able to adapt to changing medical situations and is used to being relied upon 24/7. Chanchal is well educated and loves working with the elderly. If you need a caregiver who has initiative and the ability to care for every aspect of her patients day to day life, then Chanchal is the caregiver for you.
Marital Status: Single
# of Children: N/A
Nationality: Indian
Age: 31

Cover Letter

Coming from a family of 6 children, Chanchal grew up in a busy Indian family. She has 4 sisters and 1 brother, all still in India. Her father, a self-employed business owner, passed away in 2019 leaving her mother to care for the family. Her sisters are married and her brother is about to embark on his new career.

After finishing full-time school, Chanchal went on to complete a Bachelor's degree and her Master's. She then started work in an organisation in India for 4 years. She was released after 4 years and spent 1.5 years looking for work. She did a brief work stint in a local school until the end of the term and after spending a few months looking for work made the decision to come to Cyprus to continue her education. She started a course in Cyprus studying Bachelors Degree in Business Administration and Finance. Whilst studying, Chanchal worked part-time to support her studies as a caregiver for a disabled lady. This position needed to be full time so Chanchal made the decision to leave her studies and in 2019. after 2 years of part-time work with the employer, she joined them full time.

The elderly lady was a paraplegic with Multiple Sclerosis. Chanchal's duties included showering, dressing, personal grooming, changing diapers, transferring the lady from wheelchair to bed to toilet, ensuring medication was taken, preparing and serving all foods, and general cleaning of the elderly lady's living space. Chanchal remained in the employment until April 2020, as the elderly lady passed away and there was no longer a need for a caregiver.

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Additional Information

In June 2020, Chanchal started work for the Agapiou family. When she started the job, she worked for an elderly couple but her main duties related to the care of the elderly lady, who had Alzheimer's. For the lady, Chanchal was responsible for bathing, dressing, changing diapers, transferring the patient from the wheelchair to toilet to bed, cleaning and changing dressings, and ensuring the family was updated on the lady's daily health situation. The elderly lady passed away and Chanchal was retained as a companion for the elderly man and remains in his employment now. Her duties include ensuring he is not alone, meal preparation, cleaning the home, laundry, and ironing, and administering massage therapy for the man's knees. In addition, she looks after the garden and the family pets. Chanchal maintains regular contact with his family to let them know about his well-being.

During her spare time, Chanchal enjoys listening to music, meditation, reading books, dancing and cooking. She describes herself as an excellent cook - she can cook Greek, Indian, and Chinese foods. She speaks Hindi, Punjabi, English, and some Greek - her Greek improves daily. Chanchal is good around pets, dogs, and cats but would prefer dogs that are not too big.

Chanchal is a caring lady who hopes to continue working with the elderly in Canada. She takes pride in providing a loving and caring environment for the elderly and feels she has gained plenty of experience to provide good care for people. Chanchal is an excellent communicator and organised. She will be an asset to any family that needs dedicated and loving care for their elderly family members.

Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer's, Paralysed
English -Fluent, Hindi - Native, Punjabi - Native

Note: Chanchal has worked in homes where Greek was not the only language used so whilst she can speak Greek, she does not view herself as fluent. She is currently learning with her current employer and understands more than she speaks at the moment

Activities Enjoyed
Reading Cooking Music Dancing Meditation
Note: Chanchal cooks, Indian, Greek, and Chinese foods
Likes cats,  but has no experience in caring. Likes dogs, but has no experience caring.

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