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Mylene - Caregiver

A very special young lady, Mai has worked with a young man with autism since 2012. She is a very patient, caring and attentive to his every need and has a very strong bond with him. Having a driving licence, Mai and her She drives him around allowing him a degree of independence from his parents. So if you need someone with experience of caring for an adult with disabilities, Mai is the lady for you.

Marital Status: Single
# of Children: 0
Nationality: Filipino
Age: 35

Cover Letter
Coming from a family of 4 children, Mai grew up in the Philippines. She has 2 older brothers and an older sister so Mai is the baby of her family. Unfortunately her father passed away in 2013 so the children all ensure their mother is well cared for financially. Mai comes from a farming family so used to help with harvesting the rice crop. She very much enjoyed growing up and spending time outside playing under the fruit trees and eating the fruit too.

Having spent several years after school, studying a nursing qualification that she did not finish and working in various positions in the Philippines, she decided to turn her attentions to the care industry again but not as a nurse. Initially she spent 3 months in the Philippines as a nanny but this was just a part time position so started to look further afield.

She finally came to Cyprus in 2012 to work for her current family as a caregiver for the young autistic man. She has full responsibility for his safety and well being day to day. She cooks and cleans for him and administers medicine. Due to her employers mood swings, which at times can be physical, she has learned how to calm him down. She enjoys her job, even though it is challenging.

Additional Information

Since working with this young man, she has traveled with him to Lebanon 3 times a year. She is the one who has to ensure he arrives safely and is well cared for during this vacation. She enjoys the travel and together they explore new sites. Having the driving licence now for 4 years, has been of huge benefit as she is able to take him to appointments and they get to travel around Cyprus visiting places. Mai loves exploring new places - and they love spending time at the beach and the gym. Mai is a good swimmer and loves taking care of pets.

In her spare time, Mai enjoys cooking and trying new recipes so that her employer has a good healthy diet - she mainly cooks Lebanese foods for her employer. Mai speaks fluent English, and because of her employers nationality, she also speaks basic Arabic and French. Mai plays volleyball, loves listening to music and watching documentaries about the Philippines.

Mai is looking for an employer that she can commit to, long term. She is limited on how long she can remain in Cyprus, so for her own stability she has to make a move. Her employer knows of her plans to look at Canada and whilst he will be sad to loose her, does understand.
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