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Rosaly - Nanny


A nanny with 7 years experience and a mother too, Rosaly will bring lots of childcare experience, love and stability to her future employer's children. This lady is mature, quiet natured and determined to support her family. Both Rosaly and her husband work in the care industry, so as a family they understand the importance of providing good care. So if you are looking for a lady, who is family orientated and loves working with children, then Rosaly is the nanny for you.

Marital Status:Married
# of Children: 1
Nationality: Filipino
Age: 37

Cover Letter
From a family of 7 children, Rosaly is the only girl among 6 brothers. Her father, now deceased, was a farmer and her mother a vegetable vendor. Her upbringing was poor in money but rich in love. She worked part time whilst studying to help support her parents and brothers. After completing High School, Rosaly started a degree course but had to stop and go out to work to support her family.

In 2008, Rosaly left the Philippines to work in Jordan for 2 years as a nanny for a 5 year old and new born baby. She had responsibility for the children, feeding, bathing, dressing, changing diapers, reading books and playing with them and also taking care of all household chores and cooking.
In 2011, Rosaly married her soul mate and a year later they had a son. Rosaly left again in 2013 for a 1 year contract in Hong Kong, again as a nanny for a new born baby. She took full care of the baby, bathing, dressing, changing diapers, preparing formula and also taking care of all household chores and cooking. She could have stayed longer but they were not giving he time off and the hours of work began to become crazy so she returned home to the Philippines.

Additional Information

In 2015 Rosaly came to Cyprus to join a family with 2 children aged 4 and 1 year old when she started. She has been responsible for their and still is today. She baths, dresses, changed diapers, and prepares all meals. She packs the older child's bag for school and with a lunch box. While the younger child sleeps, she maintains all household chores. She cooks for the family and loves playing with the children. She has a strong bond with the family and they know of her plans to go to Canada. Rosaly's husband is also working in Cyprus, in a caring role and their son is cared for by her husbands family. They are both working to provide a better future for their son and hope one day that they can all settle in Canada. They have taken the children in Rosaly's care on excursions and often play with them together. This is a very solid couple who are dedicated to each other.

Rosaly is a very good cook - she can cook Greek, Chinese and Western food. She prepares nutritious meals for the children. In her spare time she reads books, talks to her family and loves to sing. She describes herself as a serious person (I think she means she takes her responsibilities seriously), she is easy to get along with, very family orientated and sees the safety of the children in her care as her priority in life. She cares for them as she would her own.

Having met this couple, I can see how they are both determined to have a successful future in Canada as a family but for the moment, Rosaly needs to leave first. In the future, they hope her husband can work in the same area and then one day they can bring their son.

Religion: Church of Christ
Language: English - Fluent, Tagalog -Native, Greek-Basic
Activities Enjoyed: Reading - Cooking - Singing
Skills: Swimming - Cannot (Willing to learn), Cooking - Good, Baking - Cannot (Willing to learn)
Animals: Likes Cats, Does Not Like Dogs
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