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Marwen -Nanny

With 9 years caring experience with children and elderly and a mother of her own 3 teenage children, Marwen is a family orientated lady with plenty of experience with children of varying ages and elderly/disabled adults. If you are seeking a nanny or a caregiver who is organised, used to working in different cultures and easily adaptable to change, Marwen is the lady for you and your busy family.

Marital Status: Separated
# of Children: 3
Nationality: Filipino
Age: 41
Cover Letter
Coming from a close family of 5 children, Marwen grew up in the Philippines as part of a very busy and organised family. As a child, she was used to a structured week of chores shared with her siblings to support her working parents. She has 2 brothers and 2 sisters and they looked forward to their time off on Sunday to attend church and meet up with extended family. She has a strong bond with her family and her parents, who still work now but in their own home run business.

Whilst she is still married, Marwen is separated from her husband. They have 3 sons together who are now teenagers and Marwen's parents are caring for them so that Marwen can financially support their education. Unlike many Filipino's, Marwen was fortunate to be able to spend 6 years raising her boys before travelling overseas for work.

Prior to the birth of her first son, Marwen worked in Singapore for just over 1 year caring for a 3 year old child and also looking after the household. She then returned to the Philippines for 6 years to start her family and spend time with her boys before travelling to Hong Kong in 2008 for a 2 year contract as a nanny for a 5 year old child. She also took care of the household and meal preparation. She stayed for slightly longer than the 2 years and then took on a further contract with another employer, where she cared for a 10 year old girl. .

In 2011 she returned home to the Philippines, because her 3 children requested she return home for a while so for almost 3 years she remained at home with her boys until they were ready for her to work away again.

In 2014 Marwen travelled to Cyprus to take up the position of caregiver to an elderly couple. She is predominantly caring for an elderly man with Parkinsons disease, who needs full time supervision - her duties are to feed, change his diapers and clothes, maintain his personal hygiene, and ensure he takes his medication. In addition, Marwen looks after all cleaning, cooking, laundry and ironing to ensure a safe and clean environment at all times.

Additional Information

Over the years, Marwen has developed language skills in Greek and Cantonese as well as speaking English fluently. She as also cooked and is very adept at preparing nutricious meals, being able to cook Filipino, Chinese and Greek dishes. She is also able to bake cakes and bread.

Marwen is a very caring lady who enjoys her chosen caring career. She is friendly and always smiling. She is used to working in busy households and is flexible and committed to providing the very best care that she can.

In her spare time, Marwen enjoys reading novels, cooking and gardening. She likes to keep in touch with the news around the world.

Marwen is good with dogs and cars, and whilst she can swim she is not confident.

Marwen is always looking to develop new skills and is limited on her time left in Cyprus. She see's Canada as her next opportunity and hopes this will enable her to provide for her 3 growing boys. They are much older now and are more comfortable with Marwen working away as they now understand that she needs to provide financially for their education. She wants to provide the very best for them, that she can.
Qualifies as a Nanny Any Age Except Newborn or Caregiver for Elderly
Religion Roman Catholic
Language English - Fluent, Tagalog - Fluent, Greek - Basic
Activities Enjoyed Swimming, Religious Studies, Music, Movies, Crocheting
Skills Swimming - Good, Cooking - Good, Baking - Average, Sewing
Likes Animals and willing to take care of Birds, Cats, Dogs

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